Monday, May 3, 2010

High Availability MySQL Cookbook

MySQL is an easy database to get running initially but it can be tricky to run in demanding environments. High Availability MySQL Cookbook is a relatively thin book packed with information.

The first four chapters are on the care and feeding of a MySQL 7.x Cluster. It starts simply with an initial configuration, covers backups & replication, covers user defined partitioning, and covers troubleshooting node failures. The examples are short, to the point, and devoid of any unneeded filler.

Next come chapters on replication including the very tricky Multi Master Replication. Used shared storage is covered in a separate chapter from DRBD. The book finishes strongly with performance tuning.

The good points -- the book is concise and not padded with filler. The bad is that it is too short. Considering how well the author covers the topics that may not be too big a of a problem. For a novice to intermediate level MySQL DBA, this is a valuable guide on making your databases highly available. Long time MySQL DBAs will find nothing new but might appreciate the clear and concise explanations presented.

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