Thursday, July 29, 2010

North Texans -- vote for your new meeting location

The North Texas MySQL Users Group is now a special interest group withing the Dallas Oracle Users Group. As such, we can meet in oracle's offices in Plano or Irving. In the past there has been demand for meetings in the northern part of the Metroplex and demand for meetings more near the DFW Airport. So we can meet in either office or alternate between the two. Please state you preference by voting on the North Texas MySQL Users Group website.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open Source BI -- Pentaho and Jaspersoft Part I

Hey DBAs! Are you seeking more efficient ways of shifting through your data to aid your business operations? Two popular Business Intelligence products have community Open Source software are Pentaho and JasperSoft. And both work with MySQL.

Both are easy to download and install. Both will use a JDBC connector to connect to MySQL. But how easy are the two to configure and run a simple report against a running instance of MySQL?

Setting up a JDBC connection with JasperSoft or Pentaho is pretty much like using any other JDBC connection.

The next step is to setup a query like SELECT name, job_title, department FROM employees, departments WHERE employees.emp_id = departments.emp_id. Either package will let you pick a variety of output templates. Then you have the BI software merge your query with the template. I honestly think an average MySQL DBA could fairly quickly generate a nice looking report from their instance and that JasperSoft would be just a little bit faster.

In part two of this series, the steps will be more detailed and documented. There will also being comparing and contrasting of the two products. Both products are part of larger projects and there are many useful tools that work with the BI software that you will want to investigate. More on those in later posts.

And in a short time you should be able to download a Virtual Box image with both community BI programs and a InfiniDB instance with some data sets. This way you can test all three simply. I would also consider doing a VMWare version if there is demand for it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New home for Dallas MySQL Users Group

The Dallas Oracle Users Group has voted unanimously to accept the North Texas MySQL Users Group as a special interest group within their organization. This will give us wide exposure to the local DBA world, provide more venues for presentation (Irving and Plano), and the ability to have food & drink at meetings.

New presentations are being worked on for presentations including 'No SQL -- is traditional row based SQL in trouble'? Watch here for meeting information.