Thursday, January 27, 2011

The San Francisco MySQL Group

Last night, Lenz Grimmer, Lenz's posse, and I left the Oracle Leaders Summit to go north into San Francisco.
He had been invited by the San Francisco MySQL Meetup Group to present on MySQL High Availability. We had been warned that over 140 people had RSVP-ed and there were people on the waiting list. Mike and Erin, the organizers greeted us warmly and took us to the very large room. Soon the place was packed -well over a hundred people. The crowd was thoughtful, curious, and engaging. Lenz did his usual stellar job with the presentation and the following discussion with the audience was equally impressive.

If you find yourself in the San Francisco area, please make the effort to visit on of their meetings.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Free webinar Wednesday on MySQL Cluster

Do not forget the What's New in Managing MySQL Cluster webinar on Wednesday the 11th. Learn about NDBINFO, MySQL Cluster Manager, and MySQL Cluster Adviser & Graphs -- three new enhancements. And the webinar is free!

Please register at