Friday, April 30, 2010

No North Texas Users Group Meeting in May, new job

There will not be a May meeting of the North Texas MySQL Users Group but I am scrambling to get us a great location for the June meeting. I have left my Job with MySQL/Sun/Oracle and am no longer responsible for MySQL Certifications. That means my access to the Sun office were we have been meeting is ended also.

I am now the Customer Service Manager for Calpont and the InfiniDB storage engine. InfiniDB is column based, multi-threaded, and the community edition is open source. If you run intensive reports against InnoDB or MyIsam databases, you need to investigate this product. And if you regularly run massive queries in data warehousing or business analytic operation that you need to see how the massively parallel process architecture of the enterprise product can make life easier.


Anonymous said...

But with you leaving, who is going to do certifications?
It seemed like you were the only one getting things done there. :>

Dave Stokes said...

Someone will read the messages. I do not know if they will be an employee or contractor but that email was aliased to the Sun Cert folks as one of the first things I did after turning in my resignation.

rpbouman said...

Hi Dave!

congrats on the new job! InfiniDB is an exciting product, and I have high hopes for its future.

kind regards,