Monday, August 3, 2009

July was one of the best months for MySQL Certification

270 folks took MySQL Certification exams in July and 118 earned certifications. This is our best month outside of our annual Users Conference. For the fiscal year, MySQL Certifications were up 150.27% over the previous year.

Since the program inception, we had almost 8,000 exams taken and over 3,300 certifications. Not bad but it pales in comparison to Java exams and certifications.

Prometric is our new testing partner. Those of you with unexpired Pearson VUE vouchers can request a exchange by contacting with your Voucher ID number. And those of you wishing to sign up for the exams (they are part of the Sun 310-series at need to contact you local Sun sales office to purchase a voucher.

And the North Texas MySQL Users Group meets tonight -- see for details.


bigdelboy said...

Well it might (or might not) have been 119 certifications if bigdelboy had not had Pearson refuse to deliver the exam when he had booked and turned up at the test center on the 31st July 2009 which was the last day for testing according to your earlier blog.

Dave Stokes said...

BigDelboy -- Contact Pearson VUE as they were supposed to contact all those testing after the deadline.

Becky said...

bigdelboy - I had the SAME problem. Showed up on Friday July 31 and the error message was "Exam use suspended by client". The number for Pearson Vue is 1-800-247-8715 - took me most of the morning to get that number. I'm going to be calling them later today. Good luck!

bigdelboy said...

After a pensive wait sun-pearson-mysql have sorted out issue for me (and I guess others) via voucher system - refunds and i have successfully booked for next week. I do feel people have been concerned about some of the issues with the movement of the certification from mysql-Pearson to Sun-Prometric. Must get back to practising on me solaris-zones-zfs-mysql-cluster setup.

rgds - bigdelboy

bigdelboy said...

Well just took the exam previously refused under Sun-prometric rather than MySQL-pearson, thanks to all those who helped get issues sorted out (my previous thankyou comment came out all wrong)

As its a Sun exam now there is about 4 pages of NDA and sales opt to get through first (to stop a sun sales rep ringing bigdelboy and bigdelboy trying to sell them an ss20). Importantly these pages count against the time allocated.

I also seem to remember previous MySQL exams used to have a page saying assume by default one has a mysql 5.0 default install, (and for the CMDBA5.0 exam I had to remind myself of that), however I just did a CMCDBA5.1 and dont recall such similar page.

... and yes ... july 2009 probably ought to have had one extra certification ....

rgds - bigdelboy

Tim Little said...

Ok, I've been waiting a bit. And I have a few tiny questions. I'm not impatient, just curious, so here are my questions :
Does Prometric administer the new MySQL 5.1 DBA tests yet? I went to the site and scrolled through the apparent offerings, but was unable to locate them.
Also, can we take the exams without the course, or are they currently only available at the end of the course(s)?
Lastly, is the US price $200 or $300.
Actually, I've got lots more questions, but those will be answered once I pass the DBA exam. I just can't wait to run through it.

Dave Stokes said...

Tim -- Prometric can not administer the exam as of now. We are working on it. until then the course and the exam are coupled.

And the cost is $200 for a Sun exam voucher.