Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cluster exam update, part II

I am going through all the MySQL Cluster 5.1 DBA exam questions to bring up up to date with the latest release of the software. Part of this is reading all the comments exam candidates have left for a question, looking at what percentage of folks answered it correctly, and then making sure that the questions is still valid.

MySQL Cluster has been rapidly evolving. It used to be impossible to use OPTIMIZE TABLES or create TEMPORARY tables with Cluster. But now both work and these two questions with high pass rates need to be removed.

Oddly some of the lowest percentage correct questions are some of the most generic questions. And these go into the pile to be updated.

The vast majority of the questions on the exam are generic and still are valid today. The goal is to have the exam updates ready to go by the end of the calendar year.


rpbouman said...


glad to see this is being maintained! Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

How does that process work? When you see questions that are infrequently answered correctly, what is the thinking? Do you guys look to see if the question is misleading or worded strangely, or is it discarded, do you ask people what they were thinking when they got it wrong?

Dave Stokes said...

Tim -- that and more. Frequently people over think an question or still have echoes of a previous question in their mind when answering the current question. And sometime we simply have a bad question that is not easily understood.

Matthew B said...

Will those of us that are already 5.1 Certified get first crack at the new exam? Will the exam be all questions or involve some hands-on?

Dave Stokes said...

Matthew -- Hands-on for cluster would require juggling too man VMs right now. Hopefully we will have the technology to do that in the future.

And I may need some Cluster DBA to review some new questions soon. But that is a wee kor too off at the earliest.