Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where can I purchase MySQL sample exams?

For some reason the MySQL examinations have escaped the notice of the test bank world. I will admit to being a little disappointed when I was studying for my CMDBA exams (before I was a MySQL employee) to find no additional study materials other than the MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide. The study guide is great but grad school taught me their is no preperation better than overkill. Today I was forwarded the question that titles this entry and I replied that the test bank companies offer no sample exams.

There are some example questions that I modeled closely to the questions you will see on the six MySQL exams. Previously there had been some questions from the 4.x exams that did not reflect the current material.

Test banks are not a panacea. Some are a pan of #$%@!!! I spent twenty bucks on one when studying for the Linux Professional Institute levels I & II exams that were very good. The exams had a lot of material on modules and up to them I had been using very minimal kernels. So the test bank really helped in that case. I have also seen the materials for a very popular certification that teach the test and leave under-trained people who can not do the real world work in their wake.

MySQL's training is a great deal and the instructors are top notch. The student guides are excellent prep material for the certification exams. I really recommend these classes if you are serious about MySQL mastery.

So, does anyone know of any MySQL test banks? I would like to see them and I do not mind being proved wrong.

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Sheeri K. Cabral said...

Nowhere...but if you want to get a sense of the questions, go to the conference and take an exam -- they're very inexpensive at the conference, and even if you don't pass for a very cheap price you've got a sense of the questions.

Having passed the MySQL 5.0 DBA I and II exams, I can tell you that they are difficult, and pretty much require that you've used MySQL in a real scenario for *at least* 200+ hours (ie, fulltime DBA for a year -- at least!) AND studied.