Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How will Sun change the MySQL Certifications?

I received the following questions about MySQL Certification today:

I was thinking about getting the Developer and DBA MySQL 5
certifications in short time. But yesterday I received the news that
Sun is buying MySQL and I don´t know how is this going to affect the
certifications. Please could you give me some information about it?
should I try to get the certification now or should I wait until Sun
takes in charge of the MySQL certifications? Please give me some
detailed information about all related issues with the certifications.

Sun's purchase of MySQL still has a lot of details to be worked out but I sincerely doubt their main focus will be on changing MySQL Certification. The major change in the MySQL Certification material will be when MySQL 6.0 is fully released, hopefully late 2008.

BTW MySQL 6.0 will have a lot of features you have dreamed about having as well as some blockbuster surprises that will knock you socks off. The list of features we were shown at the MySQL All Company Meeting confirmed my belief that the engineers in the company are amazing professionals.

Of course more features means a richer environment to choose questions from for certification. And more things to study for the 6.0 exams!

The current exam prep materials are very good. The MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide is the base for three of the MySQL Certifications -- Associate, Developer and DBA. And anyone seriously thinking about Cluster Certification needs to order their MySQL 5.1 Cluster Exam Certification Guide from Lulu.com -- It is a great read and will greatly expand your knowledge.

There is no reason to wait for later date if you are considering taking any of the MySQL Certification exams. And there is probably a Pearson VUE test center very close to you.

MySQL is constantly bombarded by companies seeking those with MySQL Certifications. For an example, please check out http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?6,192747,192747#msg-192747 where Brain not only wins a free pass to the 2008 MySQL Users Conference but got the hot job.

If you have any questions about MySQL Certification or suggestions for future exams, please send them to me.

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