Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elance Cites Surging Demand for MySQL Experts

Elance Cites Surging Demand for MySQL Experts is an interesting article for several reasons. For many years advocating Open Source products was seen in many circles of management as akin to promotion of some sort of social anarchy. But now they see the cost savings, the performance gains, and the flexibility that a product like MySQL can provide.

Check out the jobs Elance has for MySQL talent.

DFW MySQL Users!

Monday night at seven will be the next meeting of North Texas MySQL Meetup. This meeting will not be MySQL-centric but will discuss creating Facebooks apps and using the MySQL Quiz as an example. The address is suite 700, 16000 Dallas Tollway. Please RSVP at the website so we we know to keep an eye out stragglers.

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Jonathan Levin said...

The surge is not that high at all.
Its really mainly PHP experts that also know MySQL. Something like job posting for PHP/MySQL in the same header.