Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Preliminary Day One Results

Whew! Today was the first 'production' day of certification exams at the Users Conference. We also had a Q&A Session where we gave out door prizes to just about everyone present.

Tomorrow we start at 9am, another

We still have some folks that need their Pearson VUE registration to come through the system before we can enter their grades (Hopefully after 9PM Pacific) but here are the preliminaries:

ID Exam Grade
2715 DBA-I pass
2715 DBA-II pass
3824 DBA-I pass
3824 DBA-II pass
4774 DBA-II pass
5688 DBA-I pass
5903 Cluster pass
7042 DBA-I fail
7075 DBA-I pass
7424 Developer-II pass
7529 DBA-I pass
7875 Developer-II pass
8459 Developer-I fail
8874 Developer-I fail
9122 DBA-I fail
9127 CMA pass
9127 DBA-I pass
9152 DBA-I pass
9176 DBA-I fail
9176 DBA-II fail
9206 Developer-I fail
9234 DBA-I pass
9270 DBA-I fail
9294 Developer-I fail
9300 Cluster pass
9300 DBA-I fail
9310 Developer-I pass
9311 DBA-I pass
9312 DBA-I pass
9312 DBA-II pass
9319 Developer-I pass
9348 DBA-I pass
9358 DBA-I pass
833543 DBA-II pass
833548 Developer-I pass
838154 DBA-I pass
838225 DBA-I pass
838225 DBA-II pass
838267 DBA-I fail
838306 DBA-I fail

Congratulations to those that passed and please try again if you did not.

If you are at the UC and have NEVER tested with us before, go to http://www.pearsonvue.com/mysql and setup an account. We can not put your results into the system until you do this. That part is free.

Pay for the UC exams $25 at the O'Reilly registration desk and bring the card they give you in return to the desk outside the Magnolia room.

Those wishing to RSVP for the late session need to contact Christi Fortier and make sure she has you contact information. She is at the above mentioned desk outside the Magnolia room.

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