Thursday, March 20, 2008

MySQL Certification Newsletter

Apologies to those on the MySQL Certification Mailing list but I am posting here what went out today to that list. But I wanted to make sure the information was available to all who may be interested. You may consider adding yourself to the list and a link is provided at the end of this entry to help. It is a very LOW bandwidth and heavily moderated list.

MySQL Certification News -- March 2008

2007 was a great year: MySQL Certifications had a great year last year. Over 45% more exams were delivered than in 2006 and certifications earned were up by almost a third! The new Associate Certification is proving to be very popular. Thank you on behalf of The Certification Team and MySQL.

Users Conference: Once again you can take a MySQL Certification Exam at the Users Conference for $25. We will have six exam sessions over the three days of the conference. This is in addition to the tutorials, sessions, and great attenddes. Be sure to drop by the exam area to find out when we are going to have an informal reception. Signup at

MySQL has its own planet?!? If you have not discovered, you are in for a treat. The best blogs on MySQL and related subjects can now be found in one place.

Free exam voucher for those who attend MySQL training for a limited time. Details at

How can we help? We are looking for ways to help you earn your MySQL Certifications. The exams are tough for a reason and we are not going to make them easier. So we are looking for your input on what we can do to help you. Do we run virtual study groups? Set up a special online form for each exam? So, what can we do for you? Let us know at Certification@MySQL.Com

MySQL 6.0 Exams: Next year MySQL 6.0 will take the world by storm and the MySQL Certification Exams will be upgraded to match the new release. The MySQL Certification Team would like to hear your thoughts on then next generation of exams.
Do we retain two exams (DBA-I & DBA-II or Dev-I & Dev-II) for the DBA and Developer exams? Or do we need to go to three exams to cover Falcon, partitioning, and all the other new features? Could the material be covered on one very long exam?
So please help us design the 6.0 exam by sending your ideas to Certification@MySQL.Com with the subject line set to '6.0 exam'.

Thank you for your support of MySQL.

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