Monday, April 20, 2009

Cert Team at the UC

Ricky Ho and I are busy at the UC ... pulling our hair out. There are no certification exams on Monday but we found all sorts of network glitches. The Hyatt had some network ports blocked that just happened to be the ones we use for online exams. And the Sun Remote Lab Data Center had a glitch over the weekend that kept the virtual images from starting.

The picture is from Kai Voigt's tutorial on DBA certification. The room is full and I pop n and out between 'hair pulling' sessions. The attendees are asking good questions and I am sure we will have some new certified DBAs by the end of the conference.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

How is "Oracle acquiring Sun" going to impact the MySQL Certification program? Do you think the certification exam format will change soon? Thanks.

Carsten said...

Man, how I feel for you guys... At least you've got Ricky there to help you save the day. Say Hi from me!

Dave Stokes said...

Anonymous -- We are planning on keeping on track with the Developer 5.1 exam, updating cluster, and some other stuff still under wraps. We'll have to see if Oracle wants anything changed but for now the orders are maintain course and speed.