Tuesday, April 28, 2009

305 exams taken at the UC, new crop of DBAs and Developers on the loose!

Over 300 exams were taken at the 2009 MySQL Users Conference. Many more DBAs were certified this year then last and the Developer cert was not as popular.

We had problems with network bandwidth (Thanks to Patrick at O'Reilly for getting us more as soon as he could) and some software glitches with the new software. Some folks asked to take their exam at a location with better bandwidth and their results are still trickling in to the Certification Team.

The new 5.1 DBA exam was offered and the general review is that it is a much more realistic test of a DBA's skills than the older version. There were a few edits that did not make it into the system that cause some confusion but those taking the exam carried on bravely.

Thanks for all who made the journey to the Magnolia room, especially those who made it through the 1,200 teenagers who showed up for the conference after ours!


Roland Bouman said...

Hi Dave!

great news! I think the title is wrong though...should be "...loose!" not "...lose!"



Dave Stokes said...

Thanks Roland! By the way congrats on the Community Award!

Timothy said...

Is there a place where we can take this NEW DBA certification exam yet without going through the DBA course?

I am in New York, and have been itching to get certified, and loved when you told us all about the new test being so hands-on.

Dave Stokes said...


Moving the older exams from Pearson Vue to Prometic has been priority number one and that is almost over. Next will be working with Prometric to get the exam offered at their test centers. I will blog on any updates as they arise.