Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 certification results, 2009 news

2008 was a good year for MySQL Certification. 1,986 folks took exams which is a 14.6% gain over 2007. 736 candidates earned certifications and that is a 14.4% gain. The biggest gains were in Associate (up 300%) and DBA (up 35%) certifications. Oddly the Developer cert was down 40%.

So what happens in 2009?

The DBA and Developer exams are both changing format to performance based tests. Candidates will be tested on a virtual server and provided with a list of tasks that need to be accomplished. The DBA exam is actually in alpha est and about to go to beta. This testing is being done on two sets of virtual environments which provide their own qualities. The Linux environment is probably closer to what most DBA's working environment but the Windows version allows the candidate more control over the system. More news here later in the month.

Computer certifications will take a big leap forward with the ITCC. The ITCC allows the companies that certify a common platform to promote certification, crack down on test cheat companies, and provide a location that will list all your certifications from member organizations.

I hope you all have a great year!


Chadwick said...

is MySQL going to be doing free beta testing for those DBA exams anytime soon?

Dave Stokes said...

Chadwick: Send your email to certification at and I will add your name to the list of testers. Right now we are in a very limited alpha test but will soon ramp up. -- Dave

Wombat said...

Great news Dave. This is great improvement over the old form! It will be a lot more satisfying passing this new version.

Two questions:
1. Does the Help command work on the server in the test in case you don't have the right format for a command?

2. When will the new test be available at Vue centers? I notice that the old two part exam is still listed in the Vue appointments. I assume this new test is a single test and will probably cost more money than one of the two parts.

Dave Stokes said...

Wombat -- Yes, the help command is there and fully functional. It is a full instance of MySQL on Windows and comes with all the bells and whistles from the standard install.

When will the test be available at Vue centers? Currently the PV testing model does not allow access to virtual serves through their firewall, I am talking to them (And Sun Learning testing partner Prometric plus who ever else I can) about this. Nobody offers right now from a testing center but I am battling for it.

And the certification requires passing one exam not two. It will be included in MySQL DBA classes when the next round of curriculum rolls out late this month at no extra cost to those attending the class.

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