Thursday, December 18, 2008

Upgrade exam or not to have upgrade exam

The MySQL 5.1 DBA exam is in alpha-test right now and some of the reviewers have had questions about upgrade exams. The new exams are no longer multiple choice. They are based on a candidates performance with a real database on a virtual server.
In the past I have stated that there was not going to be an upgrade exam. This was due to the change in exam format and the history of previous upgrades not being popular. Less than forty folks took the Core to Dev upgrade exam (about 5% with that certification) and the numbers are worse for the Pro to DBA upgrade. Why spend time on something that is not going to be cost justifiable?

But my reviewers are trying to convince me to have an upgrade. It would not be that much more work to offer a hands that could be taken over the Internet. You would have to SSH into a remote server and would have an hour to complete 3-5 short tasks featuring MySQL 5.1 new features. Hopefully you still remember your 5.0 knowledge.

So, would you a) want a 5.0 to 5.1 upgrade exam and b) what would be a reasonable cost?


Anonymous said...

With the format change, I don't think an upgrade exam makes sense. However, a discount for existing MySQL Certified folks makes a whole lot of sense. (I may be a bit biased seeing as I'm a certified DBA.)

Phil Hildebrand said...

I like the idea of an upgrade exam for 5.1. It would be nice to only have to take one exam covering new features. As far as cost, maybe 1/2 if it's one exam vs 2 ?