Friday, September 5, 2008

LinkedIn's MySQL Certified Professionals Community

Mark Schoonover has asked me to take over the LinkedIn Group for MySQL Certified Professionals. We are still working out the details but I would like to ask the almost 200 members of that group and any potentially interested others what they would like to see this professional community become.

Personally, I am going to need a platoon of MySQL Exam beta test guinea pigs and this group looks like a great source for talent people.

But what do the members want?

Cisco gives accounts with CCIEs on staff a percentage discount on support contracts? They also get an escallated queue for any support calls. The logic behind that is that a CCIE would not call on something trival and would have triaged the problem. Is this something for this group?

Or do we need t-shirts? Mugs? A special room (rubber padded, drool absorbant carpet) reserved for us at the 2009 Users Conference?

What would you like?

So, feel free to respond. I will post this on the LinedIn group as well as my blog (appologies to those who have to read it twice!).


For those interested in joining, go to LinkedIn and search for the MySQL Certified Professionals Group.


David Minor said...

I for one, would be happy to be a guinea pig, and of course coffee mugs are always good!

Jonathan said...

I would be glad to help out.

Sheeri K. Cabral said...

discount on support contracts is nice. Maybe short-term subscriptions to binary downloads like the enterprise monitor and query analyzer, so Certified Professionals can test them?

Anonymous said...

I'll be a tester if you like. In terms of things for the group: I'm a big fan of coffee mugs and shirts. But on a more important note, I think we need more coverage for the group - more getting the name out there. Ideally, it would be a place that companies seeking MySQL certified DBAs would automatically know to come to for services. I guess you could say we need a more marketed image (although I'm not much of a fan of typical marketing).