Thursday, September 11, 2008

Branded Guinea Pigs! Ye-hawwwwwwwww

My last post asking what people are looking for in being part of the Certified MySQL Community brought me a good deal of email. I will pursue looking into training and service contract discounts with my bosses. Mugs and t-shirts seem to be popular requests also.

I even had someone who saw my mention of beta exam testers as 'guinea pigs' and requested branded guinea pigs. Now, I live in Texas and two miles from my house there is a heard of Bison. A few folks in the area have cattle, mainly longhorns. A lot of livestock these days actually get implanted microchips but branding irons are still used for the recognition of livestock on the days the cowboys leave the RFID scanner out of the saddlebags. So I asked about branding.

My consultants on the subject were not inclined to favorably recommend branding Cavia porcellus. Having Sakila, the MySQL dolphin, and/or the letters 'MySQL' would probably be too busy of a design, especially on an animal that weighs about a kilogram.

So sorry, no branded guinea pigs.

Any other ideas?

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LinuxJedi said...

Damn, OK then well I wouldn't mind being a Guinea pig for the beta exams anyway.

The discounts aren't really relevant for me as I will be a MySQL employee in a couple of weeks time. But I can see this being useful to others. Maybe even extend it to a discount on Sun products.

If we can't have Guinea Pigs we can at least adopt a dolphin or something :)

LinuxJedi (aka. Andrew Hutchings)