Thursday, March 13, 2008

How hard is that MySQL Certification test?

"So hard hard is that MySQL DBA Certification?" I was asked by two different individuals just a few hours apart. The first was a prospective candidate asking for study guidance. The second was project manager who has the general view that certifications are not worth the paper they are printed on and only represent someones ability to regurgitate answers previously fed to the test taker.

So how tough is the test? Forty percent of those taking the DBA-I fail. DBA-II only fails twenty four percent.

I would hope that simple regurgitation would provide more than a sixty percent pass rate.

The Developer exams have a 72 and 75 percent pass rate. The Associate exam has a 77 percent pass rate and the cluster is just over 80 percent.

The MySQL DBA exams are tough. I had been using MySQL since the days when you downloaded it from when I took the exams last year. The study guide and sample questions were pretty well reviewed. And still some of the questions made me doubt how well I new the product.

You are expected to have six months to a few years hands-on experience for the DBA and Developer exams. Pilots will tell you there is no substitute for 'seat time' or time spent doing. I have spent a lot of time on analysis of the certification test results and it is fairly obvious when someone skims the certification guide and tries to wing it. You are not passing go and you are paying $200.

So for the potential candidate I mentioned, I gave him the same advice covered in earlier editions of this blog. There are no shortcuts and he is in for a lot of hard effort.


Daniel van Eeden said...

I can confirm that you'll need to be well prepared for the exam. I failed the first developer exam the first time. Just reading the study guide is not good enough. I'm certfied dev/dba/cdba now :) The exams shoudn't be made easier. Passing an exam must really be an acomplishment. The questions are real-world questions.

geiar said...

This post answers a question I had right yesterday, when I've taken the DBA I exam. Which percentage of successful in this exam?
I passed the exam with score of 58, I think is not so bad... I use MySQL since several years, but the questions are harder: too many multiple response questions IMHO. But if you pass the test you can say I know MySQL.. not so for other software. I think the bosses must think twice before to tell that the certification is only a paper.

Dave Stokes said...

Thanks Daniel! And thank you for your support of MySQL.

kazemipouya said...

is there any online test for developer exam to prepare
for the orginal one?

Sruthi veni said...

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