Monday, February 4, 2008

Your lack of CMDBA Certification may have cost you a great job

Somebody missed a good job by not being being a Certified MySQL Database Administrator (CMDBA). So for the lack of some study time and the cost of two exams, a prime job in New York for a MySQL DBA evaporated. Several times each month I hear from someone internally at MySQL that some customer is looking for MySQL Certified talent.

For a Texan, I have spent a fair amount of time in New York and know there is a good deal of LAMP talent in that area. It is frustrating to know an area with so much talent did not have someone holding a CMDBA that could be found by the company mentioned in the linked blog.

I used to be the CTO of an online recruiting corporation and I know that keywords such as 'MySQL', 'CMDBA', or 'MySQL Certified' are what recruiters are plugging into their searches. Recruiters are looking for you but do you have those keywords linked to your resume? Remember even technical recruiters may not know a DBA from someone who once set up one table from just comparing resumes. But they know what the MySQL Certifications mean.

For those of you who have passed DEV-I or DBA-I and need extra motivation to finish, please get moving. You may not be thinking of changing jobs but knowing you are more desirable in the market place can help you in your current job too.

We recently ran a contest for the best certification story were the contest winner found a great job with better pay two blocks from his house. His new bosses found him by looking at the official list of the MySQL certified. Could your dream job be just around the corner and looking for you too?

So the rest of you, what can I do to help get your rear in gear? I really want to help you get your MySQL Certifications. So what do we need to do together?


Mark Schoonover said...


I think MySQL certification depends upon your location. Speaking only for myself, with my own numbers while searching for a MySQL DBA position. I've been a CMDBA for almost a year now. I've had two calls in the last year from recruiters finding my name in the MySQL certified list. I was able to apply to several jobs, and having the certification helped in getting an interview. Out of the four places, two I knew I wasn't a good fit and the other two never filled the position. Seems MySQL is mostly an additional duty for the sysadmin, or developer.

I think that's one of the biggest hurdles for MySQL to face - for most companies, MySQL runs fantastic right out of the box, and don't see a need for a dedicated MySQL DBA. For the times a company needs a DBA, they can rent one from Pythian or Proven Scaling. That's far more cost effective than having a fulltime employee.

What I've done to help bring recruiters and hiring managers together with MySQL certified people is to start a LinkedIn group. Hopefully that will help as I don't think many recruiters know/can find the certified candidates page that easily from the main website.

Marta said...

Can you post this at your site?

I had recently spoken with my client’s VP of Engineering who is looking for a top hands-on MySQL DBA at the senior, lead or mgmt level. My client company is a rapidly growing, next-generation direct response product company that focuses on creating high-quality branded consumer products marketed through online media channels. My client company develops leading brands within large consumer categories by selling best in class products through a subscription-based model that consumers replenish month after month. The company works with multiple suppliers to create quality products marketed direct to the consumer. The company is located in San Francisco.

If you see yourself as a technically competent MySQL DBA who would enjoy working with an exciting startup (they expect to go public in the next few years) and love working with smart and amazingly competent people, please feel free to contact me. Salary ($100 – 130+ plus) benefits and up to $6K+ bonus.

You can call 415-461-5845 or email me at


Marta Daglow