Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reviewing exams

With MySQL 5.1 reaching release candidate stage, I have been reviewing ALL of the MySQL Certification exam questions to hunt down any items that may now have been superseded by the march of progress. And right now the Merge Storage Engine has caught my eye.

With 5.1 comes the ability to disable the Merge Storage Engine. It used to be that you could not disable the MyIsam, Memory, or Merge engines. They were compiled in and could not be disabled. They were a constant, solid and dependable. But now you can pass --skip-merge to mysqld and disable it.

Does this option effect a lot of people? I honestly don't know. But it will change a few questions on the certification exams. And it may make a great piece of knowledge if they ever publish the Trivial Pursuit MySQL Edition.


Carsten said...

Funny timing... perhaps this could be the start of that edition?

Dave Stokes said...

Thanks, Carsten!