Friday, November 6, 2009

Oracle Express Edition first steps for MySQL DBAs

I have had a few MySQL DBAs ask about how to get started learning Oracle. I will admit that it has been on my to-do list for quite a while1. It never hurts to know more than one database system and a great deal of DBA help wanted ads mention Oracle. Someone once said that you must make sure your capabilities exceed your limitations2 and recently I have been feeling limited when others have started to talk about Oracle capabilities.

So what does it take for a MySQL DBA to get their hands on their own Oracle instance? I used my Ubuntu box to go to Oracle's web site to get the free Oracle XE software.

  1. Download and feed to package manager

  2. Add my account to dba group

  3. As root, /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure to set passwords and ports

I pointed my web browser to http://127.0.01/apex and got the page you see in image with this blog. Now I need to find my copy of Hands-On Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Linux.

1. I also have a stack of DB-2 and SQL Servers books that were picked up at Half Price Books to read through. I am always looking for better ways to express database concepts for MySql exams. Writing up something similar to this entry for DB2 and SQL Server is also on the list.

2. This quote has attributed to Bruce Lee and several others. And it always gota groan from my kids when I used it on them.


Dani Rey said...

Hi Dave

I've just stumbled upon your blog. Working as an Oracle DBA since years, I have to remark that Oracle Express Edition isn't the best way to learn the tasks of an Oracle DBA. The Express Edition is focused on Developers.

Installation, Configuration, Backup and Database Options are different from a "normal" Oracle Installation.

I recommend you to install an Oracle Enterprise Edition and test on it. At the moment you don't need to buy a license for self education.

You can download the software from (the license information is available at the top of this page)

The complete documentation is freely available under


Dave Stokes said...

Thanks Dani!

Anonymous said...

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