Friday, October 30, 2009

List of MySQL Certified Candidates -- Update

The list of MySQL Certified Candidates will pass into history at the end of November. The data was moved into Sun's system last July and what remains on the MySQL certification list is not aging well.

The Sun Certmanager has most of the same features but does not let us pull records for display on a web page. You can still get verification of your credentials for a third part, such as a job interview or customer, but it now requires having an email sent to the third party with the information on how they can view the information.

We will live the old information up for the coming month for those of you who wish to double check your data in the Sun system.

On behalf of the MySQL Certification Team, both past and present, we have enjoyed watching the list expand over time. It was a very valuable tool with many uses but sadly it now goes into history. And thank you to all of you listed there.


Sander said...

How could we login at the Sun Certmanager since we don't have a Prometric Student ID? What could we enter as the Prometric Student ID if all exams were done at Pearson VUE? The registration form also asks for a Registration Number and Site Number.

Dave Stokes said...

Contact and the will assist you.