Monday, July 27, 2009

North Texas MySQL Meeting

The next meeting of the North Texas MySQL Users Group will be Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 7PM sharp. We will meet at the Sun Offices, Suite 700, 16000 Dallas Tollway, Dallas.

The presentation will be on MySQL Basics -- How to install and run a MySQL database. This is an introductory level talk but experienced folks are invited to contribute their insights also. We hope to have a series of talks for those just starting with MySQL so that later we can build demand for more advanced topics.

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Rafael said...

Hi Dave.

My name's Rafael, I'm a brazilian IT professional who's been studying for the MySQL Certification Test.
I stumbled upon a problem: since Amazon and other sites aren't shipping stuff to addresses outside USA,
I'm not able to get the MySQL Certified Study Guide 5.0's CD ("Practice Questions for the MySQL Certification Exams").
Is there any way for you to send me a copy of the disc (via eMail or any other way) if you have it? I know it seems like a desperate try (and it is),
but here where I live I couldn't find a shop or someone who could bring me the book.

Thanks in advance