Monday, March 30, 2009

DBA 5.1 exam contents, Part 2 of 3

The MyQl 5.1 DAB exam is series of tasks. The material was divided into a mandatory section and an optional section. The mandatory section is a test of core MySQL DBA skills and you must pass all five. The option section, to be detailed in the next post, is made up of ten tasks and the candidate must past at least five of them. This may sound simple but try cramming a full day of DBA work into two hours and you will have a good idea of what taking this new exam is like.

The Mandatory Tasks

  1. Account maintenance

    • Add, delete and modify accounts using the mysql database.

    • Assign privileges for a user on a table and column basis.

    • Reset passwords

    • Locate 'anonymous' accounts (where password AND user are both = '')

  2. Index management

    • Add, modify, and delete indexes.

  3. MyIsam table maintenance

    • Check MyIsam tables for problems and fix them.

  4. InnoDB table maintenance

    • Know how to restore an InnoDB table from a backup.
    • Use the binary log to recover lost data

  5. Backups

    • Be able to backup up entire databases or explicit tables.

    • Know options for separating data and SQL.

    • Be able to use options to drop tables, drop databases, save stored routines or triggers, and save files to specific locations.

This new exam is very straight forward but requires the candidate to demonstrate their skill. Next posting will cover the option section.


Anonymous said...

Of course I have my DBA II exam scheduled tomorrow :)

Will there be an upgrade exam for 5.1 or will I have wasted $400?

Dave Stokes said...

The change in format makes an update exam difficult. And in the past the upgrade exams were taken by less than 10% of those eligible.

And the new MyQL 5.1 DBA Exam will not be available at your local testing center in the immediate future.

Good luck on your exam, Anonymous!

Chadwick said...

I too am getting ready for the 5.0 DBA II exam...its starting to look like waiting for the 5.1 exam would be better. I don't want to spend $200 and then have to spend another $400 to get the 5.1 certification...

Dave Stokes said...

If you are ready to take the DBA II test, please do so. The DBA 5.1 exam will only be in limited availability for the next several months. Right now the test center providers are working to catch up with performance based exams and I am not sure how long it will take them to get there.

CodeSculptor said...

Firstly, thanks for all the work on certification revamping.

However, from the list of required items... it strongly appears not to be all that time-consuming.

Am I out of order in asking how long one should take to handle the required items portion?
For example, adding/modding users, resetting pws (either root or a handful of users), anon-finding, indexes, myisam (from check /repair tables or myisamchk), innodb stuff, backups.. all-told seems like about 20 minutes of work, or so, right?

Assuming that the tables/indexes and all aren't huge, then I can't see any tasks that would require the expenditure or committment of time.

Am I, as I often am, utterly missing something? Of course, I'm not complaining at all, I am just curious.

Dave Stokes said...

CodeSculptor -- Experienced DBA seem (from my observation only) to be able to crank out the tasks very quickly. The reviews from the Users Conference attendee that took the exam were happy that the new exam was more realistic of what a typical DBA goes through in a work day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave

I am planning to give the MySQL DBA certification exam in November 2011 .
Is the new 5.1 exam available now ? On the oracle site, I can see only 5.0 is available . I am not sure if i should wait for the new version to come if its not already there .And if yes , then how long ?

Dave Stokes said...

5.0 only for now -- Sorry!