Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Starting on the next edition of the MySQL Developer Certification exam

The work on the next editions of MySQL Certification Exams is going well. My current focus is on the Developer exam. There is a little bit of overlap between the current Developer and DBA exams ('What is MySQL AB?') that need to be pruned. Most MySQL customers seem to have a lot of functional overlap between people titled Developers and DBAs. So what do you ask of an individual that quantifies their ability to develop software that accesses MySQL databases? Not their DBA skills or their joint Developer/DBA skills but just their developer skills.

The book used in the MySQL for Developers class is an amazing document. It covers many subjects in detail from basic SQL to query optimization. I am carefully picking my way through in search of prime exam material. This is what military analysts call a 'target rich environment' where there are so many things on which to test a candidate that covering them all in depth would require an all day test.

So I turn to the MySQL community and ask 'What should be on a Developer's Certification exam?'

What can be left out?

What can not be left out?

What skills do you require when you add another developer to your staff?

And those of you with a MySQL 5.0 Developer Certification, what essentials have you learned that you can pass on to others?

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The next exams from MyQL will be performance based test or 'hands on' exams. Texts on sett up such exams are rare but at the recent CEdMA Conference, Judith Hale's Performance-Based Certification : How to Design a Valid, Defensible, and Cost Effective Program was recommended. I was able to obtain a copy and have just started the book. So far it lives up to the expectation. So anyone interested in the subject should shop around as it can be found at a bargain price.

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