Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting Started wit MySQL & North Texas MySQL

Saturday was the Dallas Tech Fest. Several hundred developers heard presentations on the latest and greatest from several vendors and speakers. Sun was was on the sponsors and I spent a few hours meeting and greeting.

Several people were interested in MySQL but had no idea where to start. MySQL's download page really needs a 'hey, first timers who want to learn MySQL, click here to get the server and GUI tools in one fell swoop'.

As one of the shrinking numbers of CLI-centric dinosaurs, I acknowledge that most of the world prefers point-and-click and the MySQL Administrator makes quick work of many statements that require fussy typing. The Query Browser is also one of those tools that quickly becomes a regular in your arsenal. Add in the Workbench and you have a pretty complete set of tools for designing, administrating, and using your databases.

Then you need a good book on MySQL. I will try to do a rapid review next entry.


If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Monday night at 7:00pm will be a meeting of the North Texas Linux Users Group. We will have a quick presentation on getting started with MySQL on Unbuntu. Then we will discuss moving the meetings to someplace more Dallas-centric (or not) like the Sun Office off the Dallas Tollway. After the meeting, adults can go celebrate the day most of Americas thinks is Mexican Independence Day (it is really in September but 'Cinco De Mayo' is a little easier to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers than the 16th of September in Spanish).

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